Which Products Do You Sell? We have access to virtually all of the products that this world-renowned brand has to offer.

Why Aren't All The Products on the Website? Only those items which we have sold before are listed on the site. If you would like something that you cannot find on the site, please feel free to E-Mail us in order to request a quote. if possible, please include the model number in your request

Can You Get the Best Prices for This Brand? Yes, absolutely! Worldwide Catering Supplies has enormous buying power and we can access the lowest prices on almost any catering product you can name.

How Fast Can You Deliver It? We can source the item and get a shipment going in a matter of a few days. We price it competitively, and deliver it to your country faster than anyone else (the time it takes for goods to be shipped from UK / Europe is equal to, or shorter than, the time it take for goods to come from the USA).

We Need 50hz Electrical Goods... Can This Be Done? All of our electrical goods are manufactured as 50HZ Standard.

Do These Products Come With a Warranty? Yes! Contrary to the American suppliers, we honor the manufacturer’s 1 or 2 year parts only warranty on all our merchandise.

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