Warranty Information

Manufacturer Warranties

Unlike American suppliers, who do not offer any warranty outside of the United States, all of Worldwide Catering Supplies goods come with a manufacturers parts only warranty. All warranties for products sold via Worldwide Catering Supplies are based on a parts only warranty. As all of our goods are shipped overseas, service of the machines must be handled by the purchaser or their preferred service technicians. However, we honor the manufacturer parts warranty for the period guaranteed by the manufacturer (normally 2 years). We will replace and ship any part that has failed, and is covered by the warranty, to the customer. Importation and shipping costs may be incurred by the customer. Also, the same shipping time restraints as original delivery may still apply, depending on the size of the part and whether or not it can be mailed as opposed to shipped. We recommend keeping all proof of purchase information in order to save you time.

Our Extended Warranties

We can offer additional warranties on your products, which will give you the peace of mind that your products will be fully covered in the event of failure. Please contact us for more details via the email at the top of the page.

Non-Electrical Goods

All manufacturer parts warranties still apply. However, with items such as crockery, glassware and any other "breakables", we have included shipping insurance within the shipping cost,, as breakages, while very rare, are possible when transporting overseas. Worldwide Catering Supplies will guarantee that all items will leave our warehouses in pristine condition and will be packaged with the utmost care. You should inspect all your goods at the port, before you take possession of them. Please take photographic or video evidence of any damaged items BEFORE the goods leave the port! Once you take possession, Worldwide Catering Supplies cannot be held liable for any damages.