Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can You Deliver To Our Island?

We can typically ship containers, pallets or barrels to your closest industrial port within 12 to 21 days. Fed Ex can also be used for some products if needed in an emergency. However, as can be expected with all international shipping, these times can be very dependent on weather, customs, availability and type of order. Generally though, if the product is in stock, it can be sent on the nearest upcoming Tuesday. If we ship straight to your island, you can expect delivery within 12 days of that. If we have to ship via Miami, you can expect delivery within 17 days.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Again, this can vary wildly depending on the size of the order. Pallets can cost anywhere from USD $120 to $420 -- dependent on size and weight. Barrels from $100 to $260 dependent on the contents. 20-foot containers start from about $3000 USD. 40-foot containers start from about $4500 USD. All delivery fees will be quoted, approved and billed separately from your order. As soon as this is paid, the order will depart.

Can You Deliver From Our Port To Our Property?

No. The customer will make their own arrangements to collect from the port.

Can You Source Products That Are Not On Your Website?

Yes... Absolutely. This is one of our strengths. If you cannot find a specific item on our site, please send us an email at the address below requesting that item. We will source it and quote you a price within a day or two. WWCS has enormous buying power and we can typically deliver the best price delivered to your port. No catering item is off limits. Test us!

Will Your Electrical Products Work In My Country?

This is very dependent on the country. Please consult your most trusted electrician for any technical advice specific to your country. All of our electrical products are based on UK parameters. 220V/230V plugs and 50Hz is the standard. The plugs can be exchanged / converted in most cases. However, the key factor in refrigeration goods (and other motorized products) is the Hz measurement. If your country runs 50Hz -- then our products will be perfect for you. If you are one of the countries running the USA standard of 60Hz, then you can run into problems with efficiency and longevity of the motor. A list will be provided at the bottom of this page for you to find out your electricity requirements. If you are in one of those 60Hz regions, you will have to be satisfied with the over 10,000 other, non-motorized, products on our website. Apologies.

What Electricity Requirements Do I Have / Need?

Antigua  230 V 60 Hz
Aruba  120 V 60 Hz
Bahamas  120 V 60 Hz
Barbados  115 V 50 Hz
Bermuda  120 V 60 Hz
Cayman Islands  120 V 60 Hz
Cuba  110 V / 220 V 60 Hz
Dominican Republic  120 V 60 Hz
Fiji  240 V 50 Hz
Jamaica  110 V 50 Hz
Maldives  230 V 50 Hz
Seychelles  240 V 50 Hz
Tahiti  220 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Trinidad & Tobago  115 V 60 Hz
For a More Comprehensive List -- Please Visit This Wikipedia Page!

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